Spiral Goddesses On Celestial Golden Bronze Background

Spiral Goddesses On Celestial Golden Bronze Background


Apologies, this item is now sold. If you are interested in ordering a pair of earrings similar to these, please email me at paula@paulascottdesigns.com

These goddesses are made in a golden bronze and have high-quality gold-fill ear wires (no nickel).  They hang at approximately 2.25 inches (5.5 cm) and are framed in a background of celestial style circles. These earrings have a slight curve, accentuating the generous belly of the goddess.

Each of the goddess' spirals turn in a different direction.  There is a great deal of writing about the sacred spirals and what their directions mean. Some say that the clockwise spiral represents ascendancy, power, moving into life, while counterclockwise spiral represents returning, life descending, unwinding, coming home. Others say that clockwise represents a question and intention while counterclockwise represents resolve and fulfillment of intention. Together they illustrate the movement inward and outward, as with the labyrinth.

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