I was born and raised and am deeply rooted on Vancouver Island, a small paradise on the west coast of Canada.  The ocean and coastal forests are strong influences in my life and from my attic studio, I can see the ever-changing colours of the Salish Sea and the mainland mountains.  

Art and craft have always been part of our family's story and social gatherings at our home are often convened around tables heaped high with art supplies.  While I have played in many different kinds of media, the tactile nature of clay - whether it is metal, earth or polymer - has won my heart.  The process of designing and creating with clay keeps me grounded and curious.  I love the malleable nature of polymer and metal clays in their soft states, and also find great satisfaction in pounding hard metals into different shapes and textures.  Each of these media offers themselves as miniature canvases for endless, wearable experiments.

*      *      *

Jewellery with spirit and meaning. Designed and created by Paula Scott Beltgens.

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada